I am really excited to finally start a blog :).  After having a web design business and many of my own web sites many years ago (while blogs were in their infancy), I am thrilled to join the blogging club.  I imagine this first blog will be one in billions of blogs that are lost in Internet Land, without thought about any key words, no links, and on a brand new website with no existing traffic to pull in even a few readers.  Oh well, I have to start somewhere! 

I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to the site and let you know what I plan to blog about in the future.  Of course, as I’ve learned in the past, a web site and its content is somewhat of morphing experience; it continually grows in the direction that receives the most light – at least, it should grow in that direction, as long as I’m paying attention and listening to feedback (or lack thereof).

With a lofty background in healthcare and technology, you can be sure that I’ll be posting some of my thoughts on what’s happening in those industries.  I’ve been involved in many types of products, SaaS, programs, service delivery as well as client and member experience, product design, performance turnarounds, business process improvements, and solving challenges related to health and technology in business.  In addition, because I continue to be a life-long advocate for wellness and well-being, I’ll be adding blogs about all kinds of things that can improve well-being and following trends in alternative health, health advisories, organic foods, soul growth, sustainability, financial health and the well-being of pets and animals.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure and sharing some thoughts and ideas with you. I thank you for reading this far in my first blog post and welcome your comments and feedback as I continue my life-long learning journey.

Brandy Oliver, Well-being ExpertBrandy Oliver is a Health, Technology and Well-being expert with a passion for product innovation and helping others. She has partnered with individuals and corporations to solve challenges in work and life for over 20 years.  Brandy resides in Tampa Bay, Florida with her husband, dog and cat. Visit BrandyOliver.com to learn more and subscribe to her youtube channel.

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